deepeing the salon experience

Well-being that goes beyond your hair...

With the right resonance Jonny has found clients willingly open up and sometimes express challenges they are going through. What is so special is that a consistent stylist will see their client go though big life changes and many wonderful occasions like marriage and children or new career moves and unfortunately sometimes distressing times. However when the trust has been built, the sense of safety and confidentiality can be a huge support to clients experiencing difficult emotions and feelings. Being social creatures the need for us to make deeper connections is immeasurable.

There is actually a big movement towards training hair professionals to be more aware of their clients well-being. And, let's face it, a good stylist has always made for a great therapist!

We also know there is great value in seeing a professional therapist however some people are afraid to make that step and with the right training a stylist whom you’ve known a while, in an independent position can actually be a halfway step to seeking greater support.