Meet Jonny

Jonny like many others grew up in a family of hairdressers. He loved being in his fathers hair salon, and at a very young age he became ambitious to be a great hairdresser. Jonny trained with some of the best stylists in and around Mayfair.

Now with over 30 years in the industry and having owned salons for nearly 25 years, he is more clear than ever that what matters most is the humanity in the salon. The connection and relationship of inter dependency between stylist and clients, as well as the synergy and family feel of working with colleagues is vital, and paramount in not only the best outcome for a great new look, but also for a wonderful experience.

Jonny’s work has evolved and by becoming an accredited UKCP Psychotherapist he can combine many of the skills he has developed.

Jonny has understood and gained insight that actuality what a stylist offers is more than just a haircut. There is now in every sector of business and leisure a huge awareness and importance of emotional and psychological well being. The hairdressing industry as a whole has come to realise that through a haircut with qualities of attuned touch and caring contact, the stylist attentive and compassionate nature can and does not only influence the way someone looks but more than ever the way they feel.